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Wording Submission
Processing Times
1-3 business days
1-10 business days
2-7 business days
- Unlimited Changes
- Proof will be emailed
- After you approve your proof
an estimate print date will be
assigned to you.
- We ship using priority mail
through the postal service or
ground shipping through UPS.
Processing Time for Personalized Items:
Submitting your Personalized Wording for your item(s):  
Please note: Not all personalized items receive proofs.  Look in the details on each item to see whether or not you will receive a proof.

• If you do not have your wording ready at the time of your purchase that is perfectly fine.  Please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form above with an estimated time that you will have your wording ready or type a message in your Etsy purchase.  Please only do that after you purchase.  Your order will go into the ‘Waiting for Wording’ file until you submit your wording.

•  We have made it simple for you to submit your information.   You can access the forms needed to personalize your item(s) by clicking on the Submission Forms link above.  Since all purchases from this site are made through Etsy you can also provide your wording in the comment section of your payment.

•  Please DO NOT submit your wording until you have it completely ready.  Even though you can have unlimited changes made on your items after you submit your wording, please understand that each change you need made on your item(s) will take 24-48 hours to email you a new proof with the changes made.  We strive to get changes made within 24 hours but depending on emails ahead of you and time of year will determine how fast we can respond to your changes.

•  Have several people look over your wording before you submit it.   Also after you receive your proof please have several people look over the proof to catch any errors or changes needed before submitting the changes.

Proofing Process:  
•  After you purchase and wording has been received via our wording submission form(s), you will be sent a free email proof to the email you provide us on your submission form.
•  Proofs will be emailed within 24-72 hours from when wording was received.

Wording received on Monday will be sent a proof by Wednesday
Wording received on Tuesday will be sent a proof by Thursday
Wording received on Wednesday will be sent a proof by Friday
Wording received on Thursday will be sent a proof by Monday
Wording received on Friday will be sent a proof by Monday

•  Email proofs are sent in a pdf file for easy viewing.  If you have changes that need to be made after viewing your proof,  please put the changes directly in the email from which the proof was sent to you.   That makes it easy and fast for us to make your changes.  Please DO NOT resend your whole wording for a few changes.   

•  Once you approve your proof(s) it will be sent to the printing que.  An estimated delivery date of your package will be given with your confirmation of your proof approval.

•  Once in the printing que there cannot be any changes made.  If a change needs to be made your item(s) will be taken out of the printing que and a new print date will be given.  So, be sure to approve your proof after all changes have been made.
Helpful tip:  Have several people look over your proof.  That can be an assurance that any changes can be found.
•  We ship the majority of our items with priority mail through the Postal Service and UPS.  Smaller items will be shipped parcel post.   We offer
different shipping rates in our Etsy store.  Be sure to ask us for a quote if you are purchasing several items at one time so you can get a discounted quote and in some cases free shipping.  Please allow 2-7 days for your package to be delivered once it is shipped.   Once your package has shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to the email you provided on your payment.  Small shipments that are less than a 1/4” thick will not receive a tracking number.

•  For personalized items please refer to the Processing Times above.
•  For non personalized items your item will be shipped out within 1-3 days.

•  We currently DO NOT ship outside of the U.S.A. at this time.           
Return Policy
Payment Types:
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal through our Etsy store.  During the order and payment process, some of your personal information is collected to process payment and deliver your order.  We use a secure credit card processor with high level data encryption so that you can trust that your information is safe. Please note if you are paying by echeck on Paypal it will take 2-5 days for your echeck to clear before we can ship your items.  

Sales Tax:  We collect sales tax on all orders shipped within the State of Utah at 6.75%.  Will automatically be calculated at time of checkout.  There is no sales tax on orders shipped outside of Utah.
Privacy Policy:  
We do not provide or sell your information to third parties.  On occasion you may receive news and promotional materials from Creating Paper Memories only if you have liked us on Facebook.
Return Policy:  
Unfortunately, due to the fact that most of our products are intended for one time usage and to keep our prices very low, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any merchandise.  All sales are final.  Your products are packaged professionally for safe shipping and
your products are thoroughly examined before shipping.
We strive to get personalized orders out as fast as possible.   
Depending on the time of year and how many orders are ahead of you will determine how fast we can
get your order out to you.  Listed above is the average time it takes to get a personalized order done.
Please note:  Personalized items need to be shipped no later than a few weeks before your event!   Any product that is purchased and/or
proof approved resulting in needing item shipped when event is fewer than 2 weeks away will need to purchase a Rush Order Voucher.

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